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About Us

India’s Largest manufacturer of Mild Steel Chromium plated hangers.
Having factory in Jaipur.
Manufacturing hangers since 1992.
More than 30 years experience in the metal finishing industry.

Customer Requirements
To find a supply partner for hanger’s of all kinds.
should be a high quality manufacturer.
having low costs.
highest standards of quality.
unparalleled before and after sales service.

Meeting the Needs
We manufacture over 20 different styles of hangers.
The different styles of hangers are suitable for all kinds of clothes and materials and can be further customized for a specific purpose.
We use latest technology for electroplating and manufacturing process resulting in lower costs.
Total Quality management of the highest standards.
Excellent before and after sales service.

Product Profile
Mild steel is used for the base metal.
Latest electroplating technology is then used to have the bright luster and to make the product resistant to corrosion.
A 4 layer plating process ensures the highest quality and life for the product.

Our Strengths
Excellent and consistent quality.
Lowest costs due to high volumes and latest manufacturing technology.
Largest manufacturer in INDIA.
ISO-9001:2008 CERTIFIED.
Large network of distributors and dealers throughout India.
Product packaging, bar coding, customization etc. can be done as per your specifications on actual cost basis.